Over the Top #3 – Cars

Focus on Cars

I really couldn’t do this series without talking about one of my favorite things: Cars. I’m not a huge gear-head, but I love the design, sound and driving experience of vehicles. There’s a lot to talk about and some people have made a name for themselves doing just that. As with all my lists, my intent it just to scratch the surface of some of my favorite channels. If you like it, go smash their subscribe buttons.

  • Schmee150
    • Tim has a pretty serious supercar collection and if he doesn’t own something personally, he seems to find a way to drive the craziest cars. His channel is more of a vlog at this point, but it’s focus always seems to be on the cars.
  • Doug DeMuro
    • Doug writes great columns over at https://www.autotrader.com/Oversteer along with some other great writers and YouTubers. His YouTube channel has grown a lot and he’s covering a different car at least once a week. He gets cars to review and drive from viewers and/or the car sharing marketplace, Turo. His reviews are known for him identifying all “the interesting quirks and cool features” of the automobiles he discusses. Doug digs deep into the cars interior and details and spends far less time in his videos driving the cars. He’s also created a “doug score” which compares the MANY MANY cars he’s seen against each other.
  • Rich Rebuilds
    • Rich has rebuilt a Tesla Model S P85 and is working on a flooded Model S too. He’s got some amazing content and shows all the crazy work that goes into rebuilding cars.
  • The Stradman
    • James has come a long way in a very short time. In addition to sharing his adventures in his Lamborghini, he travels and shares so many other amazing rides. The videos are in a vlog style format, but his content really does speak for itself and his passion for cars shines through with everything he does. He comes across as a super nice guy and has a really positive vibe in all his videos.

There are a ton of other amazing creators out there making great content on YouTube. This is in no sense an organized list or a complete list, but I just wanted to give you some food for thought if this is something you’d like to see more of on YouTube. Check out these great channels and thanks for reading.