Over the Top #2 – Tech Tubers

Focus on Technology and Tech Reviewers

This is a huge segment of the YouTube community. I’ll have a lot of the major YouTubers here, but hopefully also some people that you haven’t heard of before. This is not a complete list of all the Tech YouTubers that I subscribe to and this is just an overview — click through if they seem interesting and hit that subscribe button! These people often do collabs with others so you’re bound to find some of my other favorites just by checking these out.

  • MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee
    • MKBHD. Need I say more? He’s been at this for a very long time and it’s been amazing to watch him grow over the years. Marques is the go to YouTuber for cell phone reviews, but also has a ton of other interesting content.
  • Dom Esposito
    • Dom is a hard working YouTuber. He’s dedicated to his community and has even started a second channel to focus on unboxing non-tech items. His videos are clean, clear and he does a good job of covering all kinds of consumer products.
  • Linus Tech Tips
    • A Tech list without Linus wouldn’t be complete… Linus was doing video online for a very long time before branching out on his own. He took a lot of risks starting his YouTube career, but has done a great job. Linus and team are a huge asset to this space. Linus Tech Tips leads his pack of YouTube channels and is where you can find product reviews, PC builds, and a lot of crazy projects that provide a lot of entertainment value, but are not really meant to be tutorials of any kind.
  • Paul’s Hardware
    • Paul has a lot of experience in PC building and has a great channel where he spends most of his time reviewing products, doing PC builds, giving advice and lately doing some more vlog style content. Paul is well spoken and seems really comfortable on camera – almost like the camera isn’t even there. He always just appears to be himself.
  • TheGeekPub
    • There’s not enough content here, but what is posted is very high quality and informative. There’s been some great videos about crypto mining, home network setups and I imagine there will be a lot more to come.
  • Paul Hibbert aka Hibbert’s Home Tech
    • I’ve watched Paul for quite a while now and he wasn’t posting for a good bit of time. At some point, he started posted content very regularly and it’s been great. He’s always done really fun videos focused on home automation and reviews around the subject.

Do you like this series?

Let me know if you like the idea of these posts and if there’s anything I can improve. I realize that these are not deep dives into each channel. It seems like their video content would speak for itself, but let me know if more specific videos to watch or more detail about the YouTuber  — or more content creators in general would be better.