iPhone 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Setting a goal

app mockup
app mockup

For the last several days, I’ve mentioned to a few close friends that I have been reading and learning a little bit about iPhone development. I’ve touched Xcode a little bit, but haven’t really done any coding beyond messing around with creating a class in Objective C and making some buttons and input work. I stumbled into some unexpected free time since I got laid off from my job late last year and I haven’t really done anything too amazing since then. I’ve had ideas running around in my head for a while for businesses and websites, but I figured it’ll help to kick things off with a good challenge to myself. This is why my personal iPhone 30 Day Challenge was created.

My 30 day iPhone development plan

The plan is that over the next thirty days, I’ll be working on an app and submit it to the Apple App Store. After a completely random brainstorming session, I’ve decided on a niche app with a similar layout and functionality to the Yelp app. The app will allow the user to search and submit location-based information from their iPhone

Track my progress

Today consisted of creating a little mockup that you can see to the right. This doesn’t really share anything other than the similarities to Yelp, but hopefully I’ll have more to share soon! I’ll most likely tweet about my progress at twitter.com/jeffsawyer and I’ll update here on my blog with detailed information as I feel it’s relevant. If you notice that I’m doing anything the hard way or have comments about my progress, technique, etc., I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. If you’re doing a similar iPhone challenge for yourself, link me up. I’d love to read about other projects as well.