ManagedMarks Goes Live

In an effort to avoid too much feature creep and in an effort to get something else web related done for my resume, I’ve decided to release out into the wild. I’d like to figure out a good way to either charge for the service or generate a little revenue via ads, but I’m not too sure how either would work. This wasn’t started as a business idea as much as it was started as a solution to a problem I had. I’m sure you could argue various other solutions such as a wiki, but I felt that a simple and focused web-based tool was what I wanted. ManagedMarks serves it’s purpose as a simple and very focused tool.

If you haven’t checked out ManagedMarks yet, see the site tour video below for some details. I originally thought this was an interesting project to take on since I found that my previous employers team in India had crippled access to the net. Links were often buried on the internal website, in emails or in process documents. Maintaining all these different locations was always an issue and I thought it’d be better if we could just reference one location that was always maintained. If we had a good central location that could be easily updated, the team would easily be able to set that as their homepage in their browser.

I also felt strange starting up Firefox or IE and having my iGoogle pop up with personal stuff when I was in a meeting or giving a presentation. As a result, I made a simple .html file with a few a href’s to the sites I frequently used. My manager thought this was an interesting solution, but we never really had time to do anything more with it. As a result, I wanted to come up with a slightly more sophisticated way of accomplishing the same task. ManagedMarks was a name that stuck and I loved the concept… I was laid off and never got to do this for my previous employer, but I wanted to do it for myself anyway… Let me know what you think. Site Tour / Walkthrough from ManagedMarks on Vimeo.

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