The top iPad apps and accessories you’ll need

Apple’s updated their website with the simple words, “iPad is here” and I wanted to welcome in the iPad to the computing world here as well. The Apple iPad is really the first tablet of it’s kind. Despite being seen as an oversized iPod Touch by many, I’m still convinced that it has a lot of potential. I’m not going to argue about whether the iPad is good or not. Instead, I’ve compiled a simple list below of the top iPad apps and accessories I think you’ll need to go along with your shiny new Apple iPad.

  1. iPad Case – During the initial announcement, I thought the iPad could be a great device to bring into interviews to show off your portfolio. This simple black case would be very presentable to carry into your next interview. When you open up the case, you can pass out your resume as usual and be able to present all of your work without skipping a beat. All this capability with something that probably weighs close to the same amount as a normal portfolio with a notepad inside.
  2. iPad Keyboard Dock – If you have the deskspace next to your main computer and an iPad, why not have it charging while attached to a keyboard. Just use the iPad for all your incoming emails and switch over to this special keyboard dock for that very purpose.
  3. iDisplay app – This app can extend your regular Mac desktop to your iPad so it acts like a second display. Again, this is a nice use for the iPad while it’s in it’s dock charging.
  4. TweetDeck iPad app – If you’re a heavy Twitter user, you’re going to love using your iPad as a dedicated Twitter client with this app. You’ll be able to manage all your accounts, columns, etc. all with simple gesture commands and typing on the virtual keyboard.
  5. iBooks iPad app, Numbers, Keynote and Pages – An iPad without iBooks, Numbers, Keynote and Pages is like a computer without Office installed… These apps will turn your iPad into a much more useful device for just $30 more in total.

What apps and iPad accessories do you think go hand in hand with Apple iPad ownership? Share your thoughts below.

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