Hello Netflix. Hello OTA. Goodbye Subscription TV.

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. So much so that I have another blog in draft mode that is completely irrelevant (discussing how the Macbook was removed from the Apple line up — Macbook Air and Macbook Pro). Also, Netflix has addressed most of my concerns and I am a huge Netflix fan at this point.

The Sawyer household are happy cordcutters too. We’re strictly using an antenna and WMC/XBMC/Plex for media consumption. Launching into WMC Netflix via an Advanced Launcher favorite is a compromise, but still works great and is easy to use from the couch. Limitations with closed apps are the biggest downside, but since we’ve decided to run XBMC via Windows boxes, we can launch into a browser for almost anything. One box is a i3 NUC and it’s an amazing little machine. The other is an Intel G530… The systems were relatively inexpensive and the Netgear NAS that I got on sale a while back through NewEgg has been brilliant. I love that I can use ServerAuditor from my iPhone to do tasks on the NAS as well.

The worst part about cord cutting is receiving offers in the mail for bundles. I just got an offer from Comcast to pay literally $5 more to include some TV channels. Who knows if that includes anything good like actual HD and box rental, etc. What other options are out there that can compete with Comcast on both price and speed?

That’s it for now. Just a little post. I’ll try to do more posts from now on just to keep this thing alive. 🙂