Co-Op Now on Revision3

I was disappointed when I heard that laid off the guys that put together The 1up show. It really was one of the only reasons I ever went to afterall. Shortly after their unfortunate lay offs, the team decided to start up and their own video podcast called Co-Op. Upon visiting this morning, I noticed that Co-Op is now on Rev3!

This little fact was actually announced first in the latest episode of Rev3’s The Digg Reel. The host, Andrew Bancroft, stated “We’ve got a new show on Rev3, it’s called Co-Op.” He went on to say “It’s all about videogames and it’s from the guys who brought you the 1UP videogame show.” The show will be released every Tuesday so they’ll be held to a tight timeline, but hopefully they’ll be able to deliver good content that won’t overlap Revision 3’s The Totally Rad Show‘s gaming coverage too much.

I’m extremely curious about the business arrangement here since other shows that weren’t produced by Rev3 such as Wine Library TV are no longer with Revision 3 after some tightening of their belts. However, I think it’s a great home for Co-Op and I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a successful partnership. I’m wondering if will produce anything else independently since they’ve already got that going… Several people donated to their cause and helped them buy some new camcorder gear so I’m also curious if they’ll be using that or Rev3 gear for their shoots.