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My friend Lawrence and I finally launched the Spots feature on There’s surely some bugs that’ll still need fixing, but for the time being it works fairly well and I’m enjoying using it.

Why Spots?

Where Do You Want To Skate?
Where Do You Want To Skate?

Spots is a feature that really makes the complete destination for everything Rolling related online. You can now meet new people in your area via the forums and profiles, find that perfect skate spot and plan a session with your friends. There’s still a lot of fun things we could add in to make it even easier, but since Law’s busy raising a youngster and working and I’m broke and trying to find a job or an actual income, it does make spending a whole lot of time on these things a little challenging.

Hopefully, with Spots going live we’ll see an increase in traffic that might justify doing some ads or partnering with various companies for advertising deals. Obviously there are a lot of other sites out there with a similar goal or feature, but competition just means that people want this and we’re hoping our delivery and ease of use bring in the users…